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In this era of globalization and in the face of a fast changing corporate world, the need for International Education has become a necessity rather than a luxury. The world has become a global village, placing high demands of cross cultural adaptability on the young people of today and added to that is the need for personal and professional growth which has become an ongoing life long learning process. We are into the Overseas Education Industry from more than seven years, tied up with more than 120 Colleges/Universities of the world, sending more than 150 students for overseas education in every session.

So it has become a challenge for you to choose the perfect institute in order to meet your individual goal of perfection in a chosen career and it become hard to make that choice alone without any expert guidance, when there is so much to choose from the information overload also does not make it any easier, so what do you do? You turn to the expert. This is where the teams First Canadian Immigration Inc. Come to your assistance with their expertise and in depth knowledge about international education. They provide you information, guidance and expert assistance in your complete application process, which makes your transition so much easier from one country to another.

The mission statement of First Canadian Immigration Inc. is to provide the most transparent, honest and efficient services network for prospective students and each team member strive towards that goal. You as a student are the most important entity at all the First Canadian Immigration Inc. Offices and there is a tireless effort to help you achieve what you have dreamt of in terms of your educational aspiration.

So when you choose First Canadian Immigration Inc. , you actually choose to become an invaluable member of a compassionate and supportive team of individuals who are always there to help you. You become a part of the First Canadian Immigration Inc. family and your success becomes our success. That is the reason we strive so hard for you to reach your goals become each goal achieved builds a strong ladder of achievements which help us all touch the pinnacle of success and reach for the sky.

Mission Statement

The First Canadian Immigration Inc. is a dynamic and a growing professional consulting, services firm dedicated to meeting our clients’ rapidly growing, global-education, technology, permanent immigration and business needs world-wide.

We operate from three different cities of India to provide consulting services to our clients all over the Globe namely from Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Cyprus, Ireland, Europe, Switzerland, Greece to name a few.

We believe in delivering 100% results in a most efficient and an economical way.

We Specialize in presentation of clients’ for the Education visa to different parts of the world-arranging students’ admissions and obtaining visas for leading Colleges, Universities in Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Cyprus, Ireland, Europe, Switzerland, and Greece directly. And not only that, we assist and guide for placement of highly skilled IT, Telecom, Hardware, Hospitality, Pharmaceutical, Finance, Banking and Engineering professionals on a permanent / Contract / Temporary basis after completing their studies overseas. We also help our student for immigration cases in skilled, business and family categories for permanent settlement in Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Cyprus etc.


Our Mission:

To find out what our clients need, and satisfy that need in the shortest period of time in a best possible way. Be it Study abroad or Immigration we are the best to help you achieve your goals.

To be the best at what we do by delivering our services with speed, excellence, respect, integrity, flexibility, value and satisfaction.

Our Goal:

Is to deliver the best on time in a most economical way.

Our Focus:

Find the best clients, the best talent and focus on building a healthy ongoing relationship. Focus on best clients.

Our Philosophy:

"Wait not 'till tomorrow if it can be done today". At The First Canadian Immigration Inc. (First Canadian Immigration Inc.) we really have only one asset: - Quality applicants with 100% commitment. Our partner’s college and Universities have appreciated he quality of student sent through our company. We ensure that our clients get the best, most deserving qualification keeping in mind that college will be delighted to have that student as well. By paying attention to the needs of both our prospective clients and the college needs, we have great expectations to build on the success of our company growth and expansion.

Our Approach—CLIENTS:

The First Canadian Immigration Inc. (First Canadian Immigration Inc.) is in the business of increasing the productivity and profitability of our associate colleges. We accomplish this by assisting global clients, and not only that, even Nations, Countries, in acquiring their most important asset—people and off course assist candidates, applicants to study and to earn eh international exposure all over the Globe, be it A Diploma, Degree, Post graduation, master or PHD. The First Canadian Immigration Inc. (First Canadian Immigration Inc.) Focuses on those especially quality students that interface directly the capability and determination of studying aboard and who qualifies the eligibility criteria for that particular institute where he wished to study. These are the individuals who make the biggest difference in their company's growth in the country of their choice.


We believe that employers' best interests can only be satisfied when the employees' interests are jointly met. Therefore, our approach departs sharply from conventional practice. We concentrate our energies on building Relationships with the top colleges across the globe with employment rates over 80 %, It’s really necessary to understand what is the student wants, needs and expectations. If you understood these three important factors then the student can really accomplish their career and lifetime goals, to appreciating the things that really excite them and to tracking the opportunities that challenge their creativity. Because I believe our Company is more than competent to promote education Overseas on behalf of our seven years experience in the same field. We strive to produce mutual satisfaction for the institution we represent and between the students we sent all across the globe. We pledge our total commitment to this philosophy.

Our Approach - Right and Accurate Appraisal Process

We are up to date with the changing Student / Immigration visa rules, regulations and legality, and keep our thousands of clients up to date. We appraise all new clients in a right way, in line with laid down rules of High Commissions and then only advise the clients for proper action for maximization of success rate.

About us

The First Canadian Immigration Inc. is a specialist-consulting firm offering expert “worldwide” study options advice to people all over the world who want to study in a country with Globally recognized qualifications and also willing to gain international exposures.

We have been in Global Education Business for more than 7 years and have four offices with in India and one office in NEWZEALAND. We are associated with over 120 colleges from all across the globe, which varies from countries like - Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Cyprus, Ireland, Europe, Switzerland, and Greece. Our firm has also tied up with leading Attorneys in these countries to provide consultancy services to our clients from all over India. We represent spectrum of clients and have helped hundreds of people to study in these countries. We specialize in providing consultancy services to our all the clients Majority for studying aboard and for Immigration. Our specialty remains the student visas for more than hundreds of Universities, Colleges, and Institutes world over. In India, We represent numerous leading Colleges, Universities of Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Cyprus, Ireland, Europe, Switzerland, Greece for which we screen students and then help them to get student visas for the countries of their choice. We regularly have visits from different institution from all across the globe to do the seminars and to offer on the spot admissions to all eligible students in different parts of India.

In addition, we also do market studies, market research and do promotion at different schools and colleges with people visiting us from different Institutes from all over the world. We also have a very well equipped In House IELTS center with professional teacher to provide expertise teaching in IELTS. I.e. we undertake IELTS coaching as one of our many services provided less than one roof. We help our clients to achieve acceptable English Language Proficiency Standards, and not only that; we are experts in developing your personality and will take you through our rigorous coaching schedule in India. This will help our prospective clients to easily adapt a new culture in a foreign land pretty faster. We specialize in presenting your case to High Commission and in beefing you’re for the visa interview with very high success rate.

Our Associate offices in all over India specialize in providing professional services on Studying Abroad. We believe in 100% quality in our all deliverables. We believe in Success for you.

Mr. Inderpreet Singh Oberoi

Managing Director completed his Bachelor of Commerce from Delhi University -Delhi, India in and has been involved in Import and Export business for many years. He has been involved with international markets from last 15 year and has great contacts overseas. He has not only worked in India but has also been to all over the world and has lived and worked in countries like - USA, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Austria, France India for over 15 years and then finally started an education and Immigration operations services consulting business 7 years back with Mr. Tejinderpal Singh Oberoi. He has worked all across the globe and then decided to settle down in India. Presently he heads the operations of The First Canadian Immigration Inc. , while operating from four offices from India and one office in New Zealand.

Mr. Tejinderpal Singh Oberoi

is our Chief Trade Executive, and with an experience in research & training of three decades in the Faculty of INDIAN INSTITUTE OF FOREIGN TRADE (IIFT), I am well acquainted with the Indian trade and industry and thus our products have been best, both quality and price-wise. With great international working in India, Japan and CANADA and has visited different parts of the world. He has successfully advised Hundreds of students all over the world in the last four years who are now settled in various countries and some of them are working for top multinational companies in India. He himself has studied overseas and worked overseas and he really understand the importance of being down to earth to they student when counseling and he strongly believes in Word of mouth publicity. He believes that one can spend thousands of rupees on advertising but the real loyalty only comes through Word of Mouth Publicity.

We have highly qualified and experienced Education and Immigration Counselors are associated with our operations in India. Our Counselors and staff are MBAs and done specialized studies in Marketing, our services come out of this committed, educated and experienced team only. This, coupled with our years of proven and rich experience in the field of Education Overseas and our personal visits to the college of our representation makes us one the leading and one of it own kinds in the global market, it makes an ideal choice for our clients to always avail our services and rely on us seamlessly for all their needs for rest of their lives because of our personal experience we don’t let our clients down.

Our Services

The company has proper space to handle the offered services. The place where we are running our office is my self-owned property worth of Rs 30 laces. There are different shops situated on the ground level within that building complex. The office has all suitable device and equipment to process the carried task. Our office is very spacious and situated on the main road. It’s a very easy location and close to most schools and educational Institutions. It is situated at the 2nd Floor with facilities like computer, scanning, printing, faxes Photostat, telephone lines, Air conditioning, Refrigeration etc.


(First Canadian Immigration Inc.)

In-house coaching classes for students interested in taking the IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, and SAT exams.

Within the backdrop of a fast changing professional and market scenario, We guide students to ensure that they are making the right Career choices for themselves keeping in view their background and individual profile

Personal guidance to help choose courses that match student’s Career and Personal Goals.

Our counselors would advise you the Best Universities that would best suit your Personal, Academic and Financial Profile or Constraints. The advise provided is non-commercial and is not limited to the Universities we represent.

Highlight the areas essential for a well-presented, error free application. Assistance with References and the 'all-important' Statement of Purpose. Assess your English, and where appropriate, recommend a waiver of the IELTS / TOFEL exam to the universities. Follow up with the chosen universities and ensure a positive and quick response.

Recommendations, highlighting the student's strengths and reasons why he/she should be granted admission are sent. The Universities Admission Tutors consider this in their decision-making.

Accommodation: Counselors will give you valuable advice on the accommodation types to suit your needs and budget.

Scholarships: Many universities offer scholarships of varying amounts. These can be subject specific or general. There are also other organizations that provide funding. Talk to our counselors to assess your eligibility and keep an eye out for application deadlines.

Helping the Student for Bank Loans: Arrangements are there to assist you with Bank Loans In house. Our Loans department will assist you in securing a loan with a fast turn around and in maximizing this amount to suit your eligibility.

VISA FORMALITIES: Assistance with the Visa applications, guidelines for financial statements and help to prepare your file to meet the requirements of various Embassies and High Commissions to ensure visa success.

FINANCIAL & OTHER SERVICES: Student loans, mobile services, insurance, credit cards, student discount cards, foreign exchange and much more. Many companies including Global Giants have joined hands with First canadian to provide full menu of services under one roof.

Ticketing & Travel Arrangements: Including ticket booking, seat/meal preference, advanced seat requests, finding economic airfares. They also assist you with Insurance coverage to ensure all eventualities are taken care of during your time abroad.

JOB Assistance: We provide full job assistance to the students To help them earn their living expenses along with their studies.

Foreign Exchange: First canadian is equipped to have all your foreign exchange needs taken care of. Our ties with various banks as well as Thomas Cook ensure that your money is exchanged into any currency required at the best possible rate.

Debit Cards: Students often prefer debit cards to cash to cover their day-to-day costs. A debit card is always useful in times of emergency, or an unforeseen expense. For this reason we assist the student in obtaining debit cards that can be used all over the world.

Insurance: We also arrange for Travel, Medical and Local insurance.

Many other services are available and many more are continuously being added.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing Plans - We do lots of advertising for promotions -We arrange career fairs and the aim of the career fair was to highlight the importance of international education and internationally recognized degrees. We promote education in different streams and the main attraction was education in AUSTRALIA, CANADA, UK, EUROPE, NEW ZEALAND, and CYPRUS. The objective is enlightening students in selecting the career based on swot analysis. It has helped thousands of career seekers to choose their career paths and offers lifetime opportunity to study abroad. We Have Plans to keep organize series of Career Fairs Quarterly.

Advertising Media – newspaper advertisements in leading newspapers (TOI & HT) with an annual advertising budget of Rs. 5-7 lacks.

Photostat copies of our latest advertisements published in the leading newspapers can be produced if required

Internet queries through our websites

Non Media Advertisements – by organizing seminars in different schools and college to promote Education Overseas

Advertising In leading magazines

By spreading pamphlets and Banners etc.


Education has two main goals: to give individuals the opportunity to develop themselves, and to provide society with the skills it needs to evolve in its best interests. Secondly, Education is the greatest service for mankind. Opting for education overseas today is perhaps the single most important decision. Not just for the impact it has on your career prospectus and long- term future. But also

For the opportunities it gives you to experience new cultures, customs and ideas. IES takes care of one's needs and guide students who want to study abroad.

With the Student Visa you can study, live and work in the country of your choice for the duration of your course. We help thousands of peoples obtain or extend student visas every year. Wherever you are in the World we can help you to obtain a student visa so you can enjoy studying, living and working in any country.

Only student visa doesn’t finishes our relationship with our clients where as every student that goes through our company bring ten more student to us because of our expertise and personalized services provided to the student under one roof. Our services ranges from Course counseling to visa Counseling to visa filling to bank loan to foreign exchange to air ticketing to managing student accommodation and pick up services. All services our provided under one roof.

Global Representation Network

We are an Indian Government Authorized Private limited International Education and immigration Consulting Firm, recognized by leading Global Colleges, Universities worldwide by direct partnership agreements with these institutions as well as by association /co-operation agreements entered into with these Colleges, Universities Representatives. Please go through the list of institutes under the list of representation attached here by. Its gives you the complete listing of the colleges we represent. We have strategic alliances and association with more than 120 Colleges and universities in companies in Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Cyprus, Switzerland, Europe, and Greece etc for purpose of student recruitment from different parts of India.


Contact Persons :

Inderpreet Singh Oberoi (Managing Director)

Ph: 0091-9899999291
E-Mail: isoberoi@gmail.com

First Canadian Inc.

Our consulting 20 years of experience we’ll ensure you always get the best guidance for our customers, We have built an enviable reputation in the consumer goods,

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